What can I do with Coefficient?

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Easily sync Google Sheets to business systems, applications, databases, and data warehouses. (i.e.: Salesforce, Hubspot, Looker, MySQL, Snowflake, etc.)

Here are some common ways our users use Coefficient:

Create a Dashboard with a complete 360-view of your pipeline with Slack alert

  • Imports from several data sources, VLOOKUPs, dynamic filtering, and notifications enabled for all closed-won opportunities and opportunities over 50K

Build live dashboards to track how you're trending towards goals

  • Compare live Salesforce data against your targets to see how you're pacing. Use spreadsheet formulas to figure out if the SDR team is on track to meet their opportunity goal before it's too late. Use Coefficient alerts to automatically trigger a Slack message to the SDR Manager when their team is behind.

Capture Customer Satisfaction and Health Scores with integrated Slack alerts for at-risk proactive intervention

  • Import data from your CRM and Database(s), and combine trends and activity with Customer Success Interactions. Use Coefficient notifications on top of your spreadsheet formulas to alert the team when a customer falls below a certain score for proactive outreach.

Discover which campaigns are driving your best opportunities

  • Combine data from Hubspot and Salesforce with the power of spreadsheet formulas, especially VLOOKUP, to understand which marketing campaigns are producing opportunities. Be able to track this over time without rebuilding your reports.

Build a real-time dashboard for Google Slides for presentations

  • Leverage real-time data from Salesforce to build your charts, graphs, and pivot tables, and embed them in Google Slides. This is a great way to give Sales Leadership, Customers, and Board Members one place to view real-time data.

Scrub your Salesforce Data and ensure records are accurate and always up to date

  • With Coefficient's Export to Salesforce feature, you can update your data in bulk within your Sheet and sync those updates over into Salesforce in one click.
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