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Chargebee's integration with Coefficient is a seamless solution, tailored for billing administrators. It streamlines the connection of your Chargebee account with Google Sheets, making data import a breeze. With this integration, you can effortlessly generate on-the-fly reports in Google Sheets, leveraging Chargebee's objects and fields. 🐝

Connecting to Chargebee

Chargebee Site Name

Chargebee API Key

Importing from Chargebee

From Objects & Fields

Schedule your Import, Snapshots, and Add Automations

FAQs for Chargebee Integration

Connecting to Chargebee

When you begin a Chargebee import for the first time, you will need to go through a few steps to connect Chargebee as a data source for Coefficient.

Chargebee Site Name

1. Open the Coefficient Sidebar and click the Menu.

Menu_Icon (1).png

2. Select “Connected Sources”.


3. Select “Add Connection at the bottom and then “Connect” to Chargebee.


4. Enter your Chargebee site name.


ℹ️ NOTE: Your Chargebee Site Name can be found in the URL when you are logged in and viewing the Dashboard. (e.g. You can enter the Site Name or the complete Dashboard URL - we accept either format. 😊

Chargebee API Key

Next, you will need your Chargebee API Key.

1. From the Chargebee Menu, go to “Settings” → “Configure Chargebee”.



2. Scroll down to “API Keys and Webhooks” and select “API Keys”.


3. If there is an existing Key available, copy the Key and input it in the field provided within the Coefficient sidebar.
ℹ️ NOTE: We (HIGHLY) recommend generating a new API Key, since these keys can be tied to specific user(s)/permission(s) and should be treated as private.


4. You will be shown different key types for this API Key - we recommend selecting the "Read-Only Key" since we are only pulling in existing data from Chargebee. ChargebeeAPIKey4.png5. Once you select the Key type, you need to confirm what records the Key should allow you to access/pull data from using Coefficient. We recommend selecting “All”. This will ensure that you are not accidentally leaving out any records that may be important in your imports. Give your API Key a name and then click on the “Create Key” button on the right.

ℹ️  PRO TIP: We highly recommend naming your API Key with something like “Key for Coefficient” (as shown) or ”Coefficient API Key”. This will tell you right away what the key is used for - that way no one deletes it by accident.ChargebeeAPIKey5.png

6. A new API key will be generated. Please copy the Key and paste it into the API Key field provided in the Coefficient sidebar. Then click the “Connect” button (blue) in the Coefficient sidebar to establish your connection.


Importing from Chargebee

From Objects & Fields

1. Open the Coefficient Sidebar and click on the “Import from…” button.


2. Select “Chargebee” from the list.


3. Choose "From Objects & Fields".

Screenshot 2023-10-13 at 8.47.00 PM.png

4. Select the Chargebee object (eg. Customers) from the Import Preview window (Popular Objects are listed at the top) then hit “Next”. Screenshot 2023-10-13 at 8.50.51 PM.png5. Check (or uncheck) the box(es) corresponding to the fields you would like to include in this import. (Some of the more popular fields may already be selected) 
ℹ️ NOTE: The preview only shows a sample of the results that will be included in your import.  Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 6.34.49 PM.png6. Customize your import by adding filters, sorts, or limits as needed. Then click, “Import” on the top right of your screen.Screenshot 2023-10-13 at 8.54.24 PM.png7. Congratulations on your first Chargebee import in Coefficient! 🎉 ChargeebeeSuccessImport.png

Schedule your Import, Snapshots, and Add Automations

Once you have pulled your data into Sheets using Coefficient, you can set up the following:

1. Schedule your ImportScheduled_Refreshes.png

2. Turn on SnapshotsSnapshot.png

3. Set Up Automations


FAQs for Chargebee Integration

Can I use a shared API Key for my Chargebee access with Coefficient?

You can use an existing API Key with your Chargebee connection; however, we strongly recommend creating a new one for Coefficient's access. API Keys are like passwords and are best kept private. 🤫

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