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Coefficient's Shopify integration lets you easily connect with your Shopify store and import your data to Google Sheets. With this integration, you can create ad-hoc reports by selecting from Shopify's objects and fields allowing you to gain insights and create meaningful dashboards which can help you improve your Shopify store's performance. 📊

Connecting to Shopify

Import from Shopify

Importing from Objects & Fields

Schedule your Import, Snapshots, and Add Automations

FAQs for Shopify Integration

Connecting to Shopify

When you begin a Shopify import for the first time, you will need to go through a few steps to connect Shopify as a data source for Coefficient.

ℹ️ NOTE:  Coefficient will need the following information: Shopify Store Name

1. Open the Coefficient Sidebar and click Menu.


2. Select “Connected Sources”.


3. Select “Add Connection at the bottom and then “Connect” to Shopify.

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 7.35.54 PM.png

4. Enter your “Shopify Store Name” and click “Authorize”.

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 7.37.52 PM.png

5. You will be taken to this screen in your Shopify instance. Click the “Install app” button.

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 11.22.03 AM.png


Importing from Shopify

Import from Objects & Fields

1. From the Sidebar select “Import from…”.

ImportFrom (1).png

2. Select “Shopify” from the list.

Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 12.42.13 AM.png

3. Select "From Objects & Fields ".

Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 12.43.44 AM.png

4. Select the Shopify object you would like to import your data from (eg. Line Items).Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 12.44.46 AM.png5. Select the desired fields for your import. There may be fields selected (by default) - you can add/remove them as needed. The Import Preview window will update based on the fields selected/unselected. The Import Preview shows only a sample of your data (50 rows). Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 12.47.21 AM.png6. Customize your import by adding filter(s) and sort(s) then "Import" when done.Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 12.51.45 AM.png7. Congratulations on building your first Shopify import with Coefficient. 🎉 Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 12.55.07 AM.png

Schedule your Import, Snapshots, and Add Automations

Once you have pulled your data into Sheets using Coefficient, you can set up the following:

1. Schedule your ImportScheduled_Refreshes.png

2. Turn on SnapshotsSnapshot.png

3. Set Up Automations


FAQs for Shopify Integration

The following error message is coming up when I try to connect Shopify to Coefficient, what should I do?

Error: “Oauth error invalid_request: Your account does not have permission to grant the requested access for this app. You may be able to resolve this issue by installing the app as the account owner.”

Reach out to your Shopify Admin/Store Owner and confirm that you have permission(s) to the necessary objects (ie: Orders, Products, Product Variants, Customers, etc). Once your permissions are confirmed, and you are still getting the error, please contact support ( for further assistance.

Do you support all Shopify objects to import using Coefficient?

Coefficient supports objects allowed by the Shopify API. Common objects that are not supported are Marketing Events, Markets, Publications, and Subscription Contracts.

I am trying to add filters but the fields are not showing up - What can I do?

For each object supported, there is a subset of fields that are available to sort/filter by. When filtering, try to match by the entire word and not parts of the word (ie: Use “Purple” instead of “Pur” or “Pu”). These settings are determined by the Shopify API.

How do I pull Gift Card (object) fields into Coefficient?

The Gift Card object data is available to users on Shopify Plus (ONLY). If you need to import this data using Coefficient, we recommend that you reach out to Shopify to upgrade.

How can I import data from a third-party app/integration from within my Shopify store?

Currently, our Shopify integration does not support importing data from third-party apps/integrations. If there is one that you use and you would like to request this feature - please reach out to our support team ( for assistance.


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