Changing Connections

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This Coefficient feature enables you to seamlessly replace an existing connection to a data source with another connection to the same data source. For instance, if I'm currently utilizing a shared connection to MS SQL established by a colleague but prefer to employ my own credentials, I can establish a new connection with MS SQL using my login details. Subsequently, I can direct my imports to this personalized connection rather than the shared one.

ℹ️ NOTE: This feature is only supported with our SQL Connectors. Users can change connections within the same data source. (Example: MS SQL → MS SQL is supported, while  MySQL → PostgreSQL is not.)

How do you Change Connections?

FAQs for Changing Connections

How do you Change Connections?

(Example: MS SQL)

1. Launch the Coefficient sidebar and click the 3 vertical dots next to your import’s name. Then select “Edit” from the options listed.

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2. Details on this import will appear. Click the 3-vertical dots (again) next to your import’s name and select “Change Source” from the options listed.

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3. From here you can select an existing connection or create a new connection by selecting "Add Connection" at the bottom. 

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4. If you selected “Add Connection” you will be prompted to enter credentials to create this new data connection.

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5. If a new connection is selected, you will be prompted to confirm the changes by clicking “Change Source”.

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6. Coefficient will confirm the update in the sidebar. 😎 

You may need to refresh your import to pull in the latest data.

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ℹ️ NOTE: Make sure that the new connection is linked to a database server that has the same tables, fields, columns, etc. needed for your import to work. If not - your import will break.

FAQs for Changing Connections

What should I consider before using this feature?

  • Changing connections is only supported for the SAME source changes. Examples: MySQL→ MySQL or PostgreSQL→PostgreSQL. Cross-source changes are not supported. Example: MySQL→PostgreSQL.
  • Confirm before Changing Connections that the new connection has the same tables, columns, and fields that exist in your current connection. If they do not your import will break.

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