Transferring Imports

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Whenever a user leaves your organization, it is critical to transfer his/her imports to an active Coefficient user to avoid any disruptions of team workflows and analysis. Below are the suggested steps to ensure a smooth transition with change management. 

The Basics

Coefficient Import Transfer Process

FAQs for Transferring your Coefficient Imports

The Basics

Coefficient imports require the following for the scheduled imports to run as expected:

1. Coefficient add-on installed on an active Google Workspace account
2. Connection properly set up to underlying data source (e.g. Salesforce, HubSpot, Snowflake, Looker, etc.) For instructions on connecting to our integrations, click here.

ℹ️ NOTE: When a Google Account is deactivated, scheduled imports created by the departing user that have not been transferred to a new owner will stop refreshing.

If a user is about to be deleted or suspended from your Google Workspace organization (e.g. that person is leaving your company), please follow the steps below to request a Coefficient import ownership transfer, to ensure that your scheduled import refreshes continue to work.

Coefficient Import Transfer Process

  1. Select a new owner to take over your imports. We HIGHLY suggest transferring the ownership of the departing user's spreadsheets first to the new owner before we continue the import transfer process.
  2. Have the new owner go to this link, input their email address, and install Coefficient for their Google Account.
  3. Next, the new owner will need to connect to the right data sources. (If you have imports from Salesforce, HubSpot, and Looker - a data connection will need to be set up for all three sources).
  4. Reach out to Coefficient ( and let us know:
    • When your last day will be (this gives us a working deadline)
    • The new import owner’s full name and email address
    • Data sources that are powering your imports
  5. The Coefficient Team will confirm the information in Step 4, and perform the import transfer.
  6. Once the transfer is completed, we ask the new owner to confirm that the scheduled imports are running as expected and that they are able to manually refresh the imports using the on-sheet button.

FAQs for Transferring your Coefficient Imports

The previous owner left and their Google account has already been deactivated. What do I do?

Since the owner’s account is deactivated, the process for this import transfer is a bit different. Please reach out to support ( and they will provide you with detailed steps.

Can we request to transfer the imports of the departing user to a group email/account?

Due to some security and limitation concerns for a group email/account, we do not support transferring imports to a group account. Please make sure to provide a single-user email/account to be used to transfer the imports.

Our company was acquired by a different organization and my email address changed, what should I do to transfer my imports to my new account?

The process can be a little different for this scenario, please reach out to support ( to guide you with the next steps.

Can the import ownership be transferred to different owners? (meaning the imports can be reassigned to different users on the team and not transferred to a single owner).

Yes, we can assign the imports to multiple new owners. For example, Jane is leaving Acme Corp and her 5 imports need to be transferred to other members of the team. Andrew will be taking ownership of 2 of the imports and Anne will take ownership of the other 3 imports.

How much notice do you need to do the import ownership transfer?

We prefer to have at least 5 business days’ notice for import transfer requests. This helps the process run more smoothly when we are able to work with both the current owner and the new owner.

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