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Discover a smarter way to analyze and handle email campaigns with the seamless integration of Coefficient and Mailchimp. This collaboration empowers businesses to enhance marketing strategies, strengthen customer relationships, and effortlessly manage email campaigns.

Connecting to Mailchimp

Import from Mailchimp 🐵

Import from Objects & Fields

Schedule your Import, Snapshots, and Add Automations

FAQs for Mailchimp

Connecting to Mailchimp

When you begin a Mailchimp import for the first time, you will need to go through a few steps to connect Mailchimp as a data source for Coefficient.🐵

1. Open the Coefficient Sidebar and click the Menu.

Menu_Icon (1).png

2. Select “Connected Sources”. 

Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 5.18.29 AM.png

3. Select “Add Connection” at the bottom and then “Connect” to Mailchimp.


4. You will be redirected to the following page (below). Enter your username and password to “Log In”.


5. Click “Allow” to Authorize Coefficient then you will be redirected back to your spreadsheet. 😎


Import from Mailchimp 🐵

Import from Objects & Fields

1. Open the Coefficient Sidebar and click on the “Import from…” button.

ImportFrom (1).png

2. Select the Mailchimp connection you created.

Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 2.21.54 AM.png

3. Select “From Objects & Fields”.

Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 2.21.29 AM.png

4. Select an object from those listed. (example: ”Campaigns”)Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 2.22.48 AM.png5. Check the box(es) corresponding to the fields you would like to include in this import. The fields selected will appear in the data previewer on the right of the screen. (Note: The preview only shows a sample of the results that will be included in your import)Screenshot_2023-01-31_at_7.54.43_PM.png6. Customize your import by adding filters, sorts, or limits as needed. Then click, “Import” on the top right of your screen.Screenshot_2023-01-31_at_8.03.37_PM.png7. Congratulations on your first Mailchimp import in Coefficient! 🐵🎉Screenshot_2023-01-31_at_8.48.33_PM.png

Schedule your Import, Snapshots, and Add Automations

Once you have pulled your data into spreadsheets using Coefficient, you can set up the following:

1. Schedule your Importa.png

2. Turn on Snapshotsb.png

3. Set Up Automations


FAQs for Mailchimp

Can I filter/sort by specific objects in Mailchimp?

Due to API limitations with Mailchimp, only the List of Audiences and Campaign objects are available for sorting in Coefficient. The list of Audiences, Automations, Campaigns, and Reports objects are available for filtering in Coefficient. You are welcome to import the data using Coefficient and then use the Google Sheets/Excel filters/sorting as needed.

I want to import "Reports" (object) from Mailchimp. How do I do this?

Coefficient currently supports "Campaign Reports". If you would like to import from a different report type with Mailchimp - please reach out to the support team ( for further assistance. 

How many records can I import from Mailchimp into Google Sheets/Excel using Coefficient?

Coefficient supports up to 100K records per import from Mailchimp at one time. This is the allotted limit from the Mailchimp API.

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