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Coefficient’s Formula Auto Fill Down will copy any formula(s) you have immediately to the right of your imported data columns as your data refreshes and new rows are added or removed. This saves you the time (and hassle) of manually going into your sheet and copying your formula(s) down the row(s) manually. What a time saver! ⏰ 💡

How do I use Formula Auto Fill Down?

FAQs for Formula Auto Fill Down

How do I use Formula Auto Fill Down?

We will use the following Salesforce (Opportunities) import as an example of this feature. In Column H we are calculating the percentage of each Opportunity Amount vs. the Total of all.Untitled.png

1. From the sidebar, click on your import (Salesforce Opportunities).

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2. Scroll down to the Advanced Settings > Check the "Auto fill down formulas" box.

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3. Add/Update your formula(s) in the columns with your import. Click "Run" to update.

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4. Your import will now refresh pulling in the additional row(s) and copying the formula down to those (newly added) rows. 🎉 👍Untitled (4).png

FAQs for Formula Auto Fill Down

Are all formulas supported with this feature?

Formula Auto Fill Down works for MOST formulas that a user may need in a spreadsheet, however, Array-type formulas are not supported. (Arrays, Unique, and Query are not supported) This is expected as these types of formulas only exist in row 2 next to your imported data and will not be auto-filled down the sheet/applied to each row.

How can I use the formula auto fill down feature with Coefficient?

  • Building out a Dashboard that has an ever-growing source report
  • Calculating KPIs - like an Account Executive’s Quarterly Quota
  • Mashing/Joining data across objects for complex and leading/lagging indicators (NPS or CSAT)

Can I use more than one formula in a column with the Formula Auto Fill Down with Coefficient?

Coefficient does not support more than one formula per column with the Formula Auto Fill Down feature. (1 formula per column is the recommendation) If you have a VLOOKUP formula from A1:A5, and an IF formula from A6:A10, the formula auto fill down will break in column A as Coefficient will not know which formula to fill down - the “VLOOKUP” or the “IF”.

What could be the reason why my formulas are not filling down my sheet?

There could be a few reasons for the formulas not filling down in your sheet. These can include:

  • There may be gaps between your import and the formula columns. We recommend that the formulas be next to the imported data within your sheet. If there is a large gap, Coefficient will treat the formula(s) as an unrelated data table.
  • The formula needs to be in the first row of the column for Coefficient to recognize it and fill it down on refresh. (Filters on columns may also interfere with this feature as it may show a different value when filtering is enabled).
  • There may be blank cells in the middle of a column.
  • You may have multiple formulas within the same column. We do not support multiple formulas per column as Coefficient will not know which formula to fill down formula 1 or formula 2.

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