Update Import Fields for Coefficient Templates

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ℹ️ NOTE: For templates using Salesforce or HubSpot, please refer here.

Coefficient Templates use a pre-defined selection of data fields and filters to power your dashboard. However, in many cases, you may prefer to use your company’s custom fields instead.

This simple guide will help you update the default fields with your own when connecting to your data source.

In this example: Let’s say you are replacing the field "Quantity" with your custom field called "Current Quantity" on our Shopify Sales template.

1. Launch Coefficient on your copy of a template spreadsheet by going to the "Extensions" menu and selecting "Coefficient: Salesforce, Hubspot Data Connector".
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2. In the right sidebar, click on the import which contains the fields you need to replace. (Example: " Line Items")

Untitled (23).png

3. Scroll down and click on Edit fields.

Untitled (24).png

4. Find and select the "Current Quantity" field. It will be added as the right-most column in your preview.Untitled (20).png

5. Drag and drop the new field ("Current Quantity") so that it is immediately next to the field you are replacing ("Quantity").Untitled (21).png

6. Uncheck/remove the field from those listed on the left of the Preview to exclude that field from your import. Repeat steps 3-5 for any additional fields you would like to replace. Then click Done when finished.Untitled (22).png

7. In the sidebar, click on “Save and Run” to update your import.

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